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Together in meditation  by Paul Golightly


At the heart of the work of St Antony's Priory has been offering ways into meditation (often called "contemplative prayer" in the Christian tradition).  At the end of days exploring this theme, I have often wondered how it might be possible to go further to provide consistent opportunities for shared meditation and to help and inspire our personal practices.

To that end, there are regular opportunities on two Saturday mornings each month to spend one or two hours together in this spiritual practice.

It is for beginners, seekers, and for experienced people to share together. The sessions are slightly longer than most groups so as to make the trip worthwhile and now the meetings occur twice a month.   Starting at 10 a.m. there is a short input on some aspect of

meditation - but for no more than 10 minutes.




The remaining 50 minutes are spent in silence together (in two 20 -minute periods interspersed with breathing, stretching and walking exercises as part of the meditation). We break for refreshments at 11 a.m. for 30 minutes.

The second hour begins at 11.30 a.m. and is a repetition on the first hour. Some people choose to leave at the break before the second hour. Others join the group at that point and some stay for the whole morning - whatever is most helpful on any given day.

The wisdom of various meditation traditions is offered; but at the heart of it all is shared silence in the unique atmosphere of St Antony's chapel, where each person is free to use silence as they wish. We seek to encourage one another as a community of contemplation. An important element is the contemplative practices of the major faiths - the Body of Christ in the Christian tradition; the Sangha of the Buddhist tradition; and the Ashram of the Hindu tradition.  



If you want to register an interest in attending some of these Saturdays, send me an email at info at and I will send you a

reminder before each session.  Or else just come when you want to!