Quiet Days and Workshops 2017




Saturday 21st October: 'The Love of Mary Magdalene' (rescheduled from March this year) 10.30 - 3: Led by Suzanne Saoirse Magdalena Dance and Clare Lewis.   Suzanne is an actor, dancer, community worker, teacher of well-being and feminist.  Clare has been exploring the story of Myriam and Mary the Magdalene as a feminine archetype that is particularly strengthening to the female aspects of God, and who speaks to the missing links we may feel in our spirituality.


In this workshop we will consider together who Mary Magdalene really was, and why she has been marginalized and misrepresented by the traditional church.  We will also explore how we may devalue and belittle ourselves.   And how understanding the Archetype of the Magdalene can help us to reclaim our rightful place as women of power and grace.  And we will consider Mary Magdalene as teh embociment of the healing of the split between the sexual and the sacred, and how that affects each one of us. (This day is for women only)




Wednesday 25th October:  Dancing our Prayers.  2.15 - 4pm.  Led by Judy Turner.

Dancing our Prayers is an opportunity to use simple dances prayerfully; dances that have inspired people of various cultures for centuries, as well as modern choreographies in a similar style. They help bring mind, body and spirit into harmony and so bring inner peace. The dances are taught and no previous experience or dance ability is necessary. Comfortable flat-heeled shoes advised. Led by Judy Turner (tel. 0191 3842147 for further details)

Fortnightly sessions on Wednesdays, 8 and 22 November and 6 December from 2.15 to 3.45 pm, in the chapel.




Saturday 28th October:  Together in Meditation:  Two separate hours of Meditation rooted in the Christian tradition.  Come to either or both.  10 and 11.30am.



Monday 30th October:  Listening to the wisdom of our bodies -  2pm and 7pm (60 - 75 mins):  Led by Paul Golightly and members of the Priory team.

The power of intention, meditation, spiritual practices, energy and body work are proven in much recent research to offer great benefits for our wholeness and well-being in the stress of daily life, in coping and dealing with traumatice experiences.  For the last three years St Antony's has offered well-being and resilience days to the recovery community and carers.  These weekly sessions will use the well-trialled methods of these days in an easy flowing hour.





Saturday 4th November: Meeting Jesus again for the first time: 10.30 - 4: Led by Helen Stephenson and Paul Golightly.  Helen, a Church related community work minister with the United Reformed Church, having only been introduced to Marcus Borg's work recently, is excited by the opportunities such thinking and understanding can have in opening the Gospels and the teachings of Jesus beyond the boundaries often placed on current teachings and traditions.  Paul, Director of St Antony's Priory, has always found Marcus Borg's writing about contemporary Christian faith to be helpful and exciting.


Using Marcus Borg's book of the same name we will look at the Gospels and historical tradition and consider: how can we believe and follow Jesus today?  What did Jesus say and not say about himself?  What can we let go of and hold on to?




Saturday 11th November: Be still and know - a day of Meditation and Music: 10.30 - 4: Led by Ruth Grant, Lynn Nausner and Deborah Thorne. Ruth and Lynn, team members from St Antony's, will lead the normal morning meditation sessions at 10 and 11.30am.  Deborah will use music as a way in to meditation in the afternoon.  Deborah follows a Celtic spiritual path, also drawing inspiration from earth based spirituality and mystic traditions worldwide.  She plays cello alone, with gongs, and with the Celtic harp for meditation, and also delights in exploring the power of voice in toning and chanting.


More and more people from various walks of life, faith traditions, and professions are discovering the benefits of practising meditation.  Many yearn to access that 'still centre' in an often demanding and hectic life, but it can be difficult to develop a personal discipline.  This day is for all who wish to explore various paths into stillness and feel held and supported in a place of peace and serenity.




Wednesday 15th November: Ministry support half-day.




Saturday 25th November:  Together in Meditation:  Two separate hours of Meditation rooted in the Christian tradition.  Come to either or both.  10 and 11.30am.




Saturday 9th December:  Together in Meditation:  Two separate hours of Meditation rooted in the Christian tradition.  Come to either or both.  10 and 11.30am.



Thursday 14th December: Ministry Support half-day.



Together in Meditation will be on Jan 6th and Jan 20th in 2018.

....a peaceful oasis near the centre of Durham City

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