Outreach At St Antony's


A variety of retreat opportunities, courses and training are on offer to take the work of St Antony’s beyond the Priory walls out and about into local churches and communities.  They include:

'Come to the well and drink'  A 6 week course exploring and experiencing different ways of praying


This course is intended for those of any Christian tradition. It is experiential and reflective. No expertise is required- only a desire for God. In offering this course we want to help people to pray and live reflectively; enable each one to enter into a deeper relationship with God. Some ways of praying suit different people at different times.  Sometimes we are thirsty for prayer and not sure how to go about it or are looking for a new way. The course offers suggestions and opportunities for exploring different ways into prayer. The invitation is to “Come to the Well and drink”. Be refreshed, restored, resourced.

Course - is offered as six sessions, each intended to last one and a half to two hours. Groups meet weekly for six weeks or the material could be used flexibly over a weekend or as a series of days.


'New people, new places … Quiet spaces on home ground'

Seeking to bring the prayer and silence of a retreat to your own locality

Do you need some space, time out in your everyday life to consider what is most important to you?

Do you long for some quiet in your life, a place a time to be still?


We realise that for many people coming to a retreat centre may be a big step, so we are offering to bring

a retreat / quiet day to you on your home ground. We can offer a quiet day or a morning / evening slot

if you’d prefer.


Possibilities include:

•Exploring ways into silence

•Meeting God and praying in Creation

•What is meditation? How can I begin?

•Ways to become whole in self and God

•Bringing our whole selves body, soul and spirit to prayer (dance, touch, lightness and laughter)

•How can the Bible come to life in my prayers?

•Exploring traditional ways and exceptional lives and what they teach us today.


See our Resources page HERE for other outreach opportunities.


Contact the Outreach Programme Coordinator for bookings, information and further details:

Direct Telephone line: 0191 374 1242




....a peaceful oasis near the centre of Durham City

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Exploring Personal  Prayer


Do you feel the need for some help with personal prayer?

Where to begin? How to structure the time?

Who is the God I am seeking?


St Antony’s Priory is able to offer at any time what normally goes on in a group process at a specific time to individuals  over a four week period. The offer is to come and meet one to one with an experienced prayer guide who will offer you time and space to talk of your life and prayer and how to develop a closer relationship with God.


You will meet together for up to half an hour each week and you may be offered some suggestions and material to pray with in the following week.


This is not a set programme, but by being listened to the prayer guide will start where you are and then seek to allow you to move with the prompting of the Spirit of God.


Over the four weeks you will be asked to commit yourself to prayer on several days of the week and then to meet with you prayer guide for up to 30 minutes each week. At the end of the four weeks they will explore ways forward with you.


Whether you feel you are just starting to pray, have no time to pray, have got a bit stuck or just want to explore new things  – come along  and enjoy the opportunity to have this time to yourself to further the adventure  of prayer .


No set charges…You are invited to give a donation to the work of St Antony's Priory.


Contact Paul at info at or 0191 384 3747