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Weekly Wellbeing Sessions will start again in September 2018


These drop-in sessions will help us to listen to the wisdom of our bodies.  Simple Tai Chi, movement, visualisations, meditation and energy work.

Capacitar 2018/2019


Capacitar training shares research, field experiences and body-mind-spirit practices found to be effective for work with persons and communities, as well as for self- care by therapists and group leaders.  The programme has been designed to give people skills to transform stress and pain resulting from illness, violence and daily life. The energy practices have been used with a variety of people, cultures, ages and situations.


Methods used by Capacitar:

Energy practices for use with individuals and groups to release stress and to nourish energy system

Tai Chi movements/visualization


Acupressure points: releasing blocked energy

Finger holds for managing emotions

Emotional Freedom Protocols

Pal Dal Gum

Head Neck Shoulder Release

Hand Massage

Drum/Circle Massage

Time for interchange, questions and comments


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It is still possible to enrol for this training.  There will be a 'Catch up day' on Saturday Aug 18. 10 - 4

Many Hands is the charity which supports our work in India and Durham.  


We have been very grateful for the great support  lots of people have offered to raising funds for the Ashram School in Paloncha India (Shanti Welfare). The days have been great fun and have raised a lot of money. Using that experience and the three visits that Sean Murphy has made to India we are now working with other schools and orphanages.


There is also a local education and social justice programme working with up to ten local  faith  schools  in the primary  sector, who are learning through engagement the issues of development and how to earth  practical,  compassionate expression. This builds on partnerships already established by their attendance at the fund raising days.  




Do visit                                                                      to see what is happening and the vision for the future, and start supporting.

Exploring Spiritual Accompaniment is an initial training and exploration of this ministry.  The next course will run from October 2018 - June 2019.  For further details